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Light My Candle: Character Description

So, I'm going to write a story set in a Stargate: Atlantis universe. Because I wanna mix it up, I'm gonna make everyone furry. :] Aysling is, of course, going to be inserted in. Set in season two-ish.

So, character list&description for Light My Candle (if you don't like them, I don't really care :) )

Name: Major John Sheppard
Species: Panther
Color(s): Black
Position: Militay Leader of the expedition, SGA: 1

Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Species: Dragon
Color(s): White and red
Position: Leader of the expedition

Dr. Rodney McKay
Species: Cat
Color(s): White, Black tail and ears
Position: Chief-Of-Science, SGA: 1 team

Ronon Dex
Species: Doberman
Color(s): Black and Brown
Position: SGA: 1 team

Teyla Emmagan
Species: Tiger
Color(s): white and black
Position: SGA: 1 team

Dr. Carson Beckett
Species: Porcupine
Color(s): Brown
Position: Chief-of-Medicine

Dr. Radek Zelenka
Species: Brown Bear
Color(s): Brown
Position: scientist

Lt. Laura Cadman
Species: Husky
Color(s): Purple and White
Position: Military

Colonel Steven Caldwell
Species: Donkey
Color(s): Brown
Position: Commander Of the Daedalus

Dr. Kate Heightmeyer
Species: Doe
Color(s): Blue
Position: Chief-Of-Psychiatry

Dr. Aysling SilverFox
Species: Red Fox
Color(s): Black and Lime-Green
Position: Psychiatrist (the only other one on base)


Title: Lollipop

Author: AyslingTheFox

Pairing: Aysling SilverFox/Aiden Blackburn

Rating: NC-17 [to be safe]

Summary: Aysling uses lollipops for comfort. When Aysling slacks off during band, Mr. Blackburn gives her a "hand" to straighten her out. One Shot. May contain sex, but I haven't decided yet at the time of writing this top bit. :] Also, may or may not have a plot.

Warnings: Underage [16], BDSM, Teacher/student, Anthropomorphic characters, not beta-ed


Aysling takes a breath and knocks on the band office door.

"Come in," the gruff voice of Mr. Blackburn says clearly. She sticks her paw in her pocket and plays with the stem of the small lollipop there and opens the door just wide enough for her to fit in. "What'd ya need?" he asks without looking up from the newspaper he's reading.

"I-i wanted t-to tell y-you t-that I-i won't be able to d-do my s-solo on Saturday," she studders, griping the small lollipop's stem, that she has in her pocket, between two digits.

The badger adjusts his glasses and sighs. Without looking up from his newspaper again and asks, "Why not?"

She wills herself not to studder again, "I-i c-can't go f-from p-playing to r-rolling. I-i can c-count everything out, t-though." She shifts her weight from foot-paw to foot-paw.

He sighs again and folds the paper up to look her in the eyes, but she quickly lets her gaze fall to his boots. "Why didn't you come to me sooner?"

"Y-you're b-busy enough a-as it is with e-everyone else," She nearly whispers, "I-i didn't want to bother y-you, s-sir."

He sets the paper down on his lap to hide his groin when she calls him 'sir' and clears his throat, "Aysling, that's what I'm paid to do." Her green eyes meet his ice-blue eyes for the first time during the entire meeting. Her eyes look as harmless as fairy wings against a razor. His eyes look as soft as a wire scrub-brush, tricking you with softness but really being hard and demanding. "You realize that festival is worth half you grade, right?"

Aysling nods miserably and lets her eyes settle on his black leather boots again, "Y-yes, sir," wishing that she could keep control of that damn studder, "I-i w-was w-wondering if I-i could d-do s-some extra-credit?" She plays with the candy end of the lollipop still in her pocket.

Blackburn thinks for a minuet before answering. "Can you stay after school today?"

Aysling nods again, "Y-yes, sir."

"What about the rest of the month?" He says, "You can have full credit as long as you take lessons after school for awhile."

Her ears perk-up, "I-i'm f-free everyday, e-except Wednesday."

Se smirks to himself, as Aysling's eyes are still lowered. "That'll work out fine. Now, go enjoy your lunch."

She meets his eyes briefly, says "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir," and slips away, pulling the lollipop out of her pocket as she leaves.

The badger moves the newspaper off of his groin and glances down at the bulge forming there. He sighs. It always happens when the black and green vixen speaks with him. She's so submissive it was surprising she didn't kneel the few times she came into his office. He groans softly at the thought of her on her knees with her legs spread slightly, green eyes beckoning him.


It's a few minuets before the bell rings to signal the end of the day and Aysling, is of course, listening to her mp.3 player because she finished her history test early. She's nervous as hell for her lesson. The bell rings and plucks the small lollipop out of her pocket to try to calm her nerves. She takes the wrapper off then pops it into her mouth. It's cream soda flavored.

She walks the forty feet from History to her locker. She moves the lolly to one side as she twists the lock to undo her locker. She packs her plain black messenger bag with her homework with a slight grimace and then heads to the band room after she twists the lock.

She's had quite a crush on the badger for awhile. She's pretty sure it has something to do with how big his hands are. She's a masochist, but don't tell her family that.

The small lollipop has dissolved by the time she gets to the arts hallway. She throws the stick in the trash can between the pottery room and the painting room. The band room is on the far end of the hallway. As she's walking she replaces the small lolly that should be in her pocket with another from her bag.

She takes a deep breath before stepping into the band room. Blackburn isn't in there. She fingers the lollipop through her jeans and, deciding that she shouldn't leave the room, she sits on the second-from-the-bottom, built-in, riser/step. She wait for a few minuets until Blackburn shows up with a sandwich from one of the vending machines.

"I set two practice pads and a stand up in practice room thirteen," he says dismissively and takes a bite of his sandwich, "You'll need sticks, though. Go warm up until I finish."

Aysling nods, gets off the step grabs a pair of wooden tipped sticks, and walks in to the catacombs of practice rooms. She finds number thirteen and realizes that it's the biggest one. Charcoal gray walls and an unforgiving dark gray concrete floor. The room is usually used for the saxophones during festival time. She adjusts a practice pad to her height and plays a few uncomplicated things. She twitches her tail like a metronome.

"Your sticking is sloppy," Blackburn remarks, making Aysling jump. She was too focused on little details to even listen for the badgers arrival. He has a pair of plastic tips. "Count with your head, not your tail." He plays the first few measures of her solo on the other pad. "Play as much of your solo as you can."

She nods and plays her solo basically right up until the first roll, where she pauses and skips over the roll. She skips the rolls each time there is one.

"Can you do a roll at all?" He asks with his thumb under his chin. She nods-ish and does something that kind of, at least, looks like a roll.

"That's as close as I've gotten," she says softly.

"You'll learn," he says. He then breaks down the roll technique and she eventually understands. It's 4:00 by the time he dismisses her.

The rest of the week goes by like that. The next Friday, he gives her an assignment. To play the snare part for 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' which the band is using during one of the parades during May.

"I want you play at least half of this by the next lesson," he says handing her the sheet music. She nods. She knows shes not going to be able to do it by Monday.


By the time Monday, pardon the pun, rolls around she can only play the first two phrases. Blackburn isn't too happy about this.

"SilverFox, I told you last week. If you aren't gonna take this seriously, let me know so I can go home," he grunts angrily.

"I-i tried t-to get m-m-more, I-i really d-did, s-sir," She trembles. Digit stroking the lollipop in her pocket. His prick twitches at the sound of her close to tears and referring to him as 'sir'. It's been far too long since he gave in to his toppy nature and had hole to sink his prick into.

"Fine," he almost snarls, "Prove to me you're worth my time."

As if waiting for this, she sinks to her knees gracefully and spreads them slightly, paws turned so the pads are visible, her tail wrapped around her knees. His prick gets half hard. "Please, sir, I will do anything to prove to you that I am not a waste of your precious time. I thank the gods everyday that you have taken the time to teach me." At this, his prick becomes fully hard.

"I think," he drawls, making it seem as though he's not about to cum in his trousers, "you need to crawl over here and lick my boots." He moves the practice pads and stand a bit further away from where he's standing

"As you wish, sir," She says and gracefully gets on her hands and knees and crawls over to him. Once she reaches his feet she bends and proceeds to lick the top of his boots.

"Oh, are you a pussy-cat, vixen?" He remarks nastily, "Like you mean it!" She licks the boots with all of her tongue then. His prick decides to throb at this new development. He pushes her face up with the first boot and moves her head to the next boot. After a few minuets of this, he makes up his mind as to what he wants to do.

"Up against the wall!" He snarls with a smirk. She gets to her feet-paws gracefully and places her forearms and forehead against the wall, which presents her ass nicely. He pulls a set of handcuffs out of the bag he brought with him today, he knew she was going to fail her assignment, and handcuffs her paws together. "You're going to get spanked, any objections, vixen?" She shakes her head 'no'. "I didn't catch that."

"No, sir," she says softly, but strongly.

"I didn't think there would be," he smirks, "You get to choose, my hand or a paddle."

Aysling my not be good at a lot of things, but she knew a hand would hurt less. Not to mention, she had many fantasies of being spanked with his hand. "Your hand, please, sir."

He laughs humorlessly, "Pull your jeans down, you may leave your panties on, though no panties would please me." She awkwardly unbuttons her jeans and lets them fall to her ankles. He pulls her panties up into her the cleft of her butt, giving her the look of wearing a thong.

He smirks again. "You will be struck 26 times for your stupidity." He then proceeds to spank her hard and unrelentingly. Stronger then the paddle. "That will serve as a warm-up." He says when he has struck her 13 times. Her panties are wet. She feels his presence shift from behind her. She hears him rummaging through his bag. Then, she hears the unmistakable =crack= of a whip. She moans very softly. "Vixen-slave likes the sound of Master Aiden's whip?" He says with a raised eyebrow and yet another smirk. She moans out something that sounds suspiciously like a 'yes'.

He hit's her cherry-red ass 13 times with the whip. She gasps with each strike. After he's done striking her he lifts her chin with the handle of the whip. "What is it, vixen-slave?

"M-master A-aiden, s-sir, i-if it w-would please you, I-i would v-very much l-like t-to c-cum," She says softly.

"Would you now?" He growls, "Well, first suck me off, and after, only after, have I came down your little throat, you may cum as well." She nods in affirmation. He replaces her pants and buttons them "I'm going to take one paw out of a cuff, I expect you to place them both behind you so I may re-cuff you." She nods again. He un-cuffs one paw and she immediately puts them both behind her back. He cuffs her quickly.

"Turn and take two steps away from the wall," he commands. She does exactly as he says and he pushes her down to her knees. his prick is tantalizingly close to her tongue. He moves just close enough for her to lick the tip. She moves her agile tongue over the head and teases the slit. She softly tongues at the underside of his cock, givng a lot of attention to the vein found there. He moves closer and she licks his balls slowly. "Open!" he almost yells. She opens up her mouth and he fucks it as if it was her pussy. His paws threaded through her red head-fur. They tighten before he shoots his salty spunk town her throat. She swallows. She orgasms a few seconds later as he pulls out of her mouth.

"Thank you, sir," she whispers. He grunts then unlocks the handcuffs and helps her to her feet.

"You'll never breathe a word of this to anyone?" he asks.

"No, sir, I wouldn't dream of it." She smiles softly.

"Then get your ass out of here. We'll continue lessons tomorrow," He says. She nods and leaves the practice room. It's 4:00. She smiles and pulls out her lollipop, for once not for comfort, but to get rid of the smell of 'blowjob'.

Do you wanna sit on kinky santa's lap?


You left me empty and filled me with something i've nerver known. This is a feeling that makes my heart wanna implode. my sanity has flowen out the window, and doesn't want to come back. my heart feels empty. i'm sorry Art.


At the moment, you would mistake me for a cutter. I'm just about as emo as you can get at any point in your life. I feel as if I'm missing some important factor in my life. Like, I have evrything, but I don't, if that makes sense. I'm tired, lazy, useless, perverted, and above all, I just kinda hate myself right now. I've got a stress-ache in my shoulder too. Emo ranting is kinda nice, sometimes.


I geniusly pulled an all nighter and during the course of the night I watched TV (shockingly). What I saw made me angry. Would you like to know what that was? It was the fact that I finaly realised how fu*ked up society is now. Apperently it's okay for females to say they are bisexual (as long as they are hot), but it is still frowned upon when males say it. UGH!!!


Emo Jokes =]

How many emo kids does it take to paint a wall?
Depends on how hard you throw them.

How many emo kids does it take to make a microwave burrito?

Four: One to write about it on LiveJournal, One to post a MySpace bulletin, One
to take a picture of himself in the mirror with the burrito, and One to
microwave the burrito.

Why did the emo kid cross the road?

To get a box of tissues.

What do you have to say to get an emo kid to cry outside of the mall?


What's the difference between an emo kid and a dead baby?

The baby doesn't cry.

Why did the emo kid get kicked out of the amusement park?

Because he kept CUTTING in line.

What do you call an emo kid with no arms or legs?

An over achiever.

How do you get an emo kid out of the tree?

Cut the rop

What do you call an emo kid laying in the road?

A speed bump!

Hey Doctor, I'm certifiable!

Ahh, I'm bored so I'm taking a bunch of quizzes =]

<img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="http://counters.gigya.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bT*xJmx*PTEyNDk4NTg5Mjg3NTAmcHQ9MTI*OTg1OTc1MDMxMiZwPTM5Njk4MSZkPWxlc2JpYW5fdGVzdCZnPTEmbz1lMDI4YTYxYzUzNjc*ZTc4YjE2ZGZlYjU1YjRhNGIyMA==.gif" /><font size="2">
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<a href="http://www.dumbspot.com/lesbian-test">Am I Lesbian Quiz </a> from <a href="http://us.dumb-spot.net">Dumb Spot</a>!
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The Vampire Test

The Vampire Test from Dumb Spot!

Is Your Style Sexy?::Are You Rock Star Material?
What Shoe Are You?::How Punk Are You?


Hey editor, I'm undeniable!

haha I'm makeing a new myyearbook to fuck with people =]
Today is a good day, I'm going to screw with peoples emotions =]
I know I'm a bitch, but it's soo fun =]

Birthday Girl It's Your Birthday

hahaha So August 5th is my friend larkawolfxxx birthday so this is my post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WOLFIE!!! XD

haha!Have an awesome day =]